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HassleFree Shopping

Hassle-Free Shopping is when a consumer buys products and gets them delivered to their home without any hassles. This includes not having to drive to the store, deal with traffic jams and searching for a parking spot. It also means not having to get a shopping cart and waiting in line at the cashier. It is a popular way to shop because it is easy and convenient.

Retailers must create “wow” shopping experiences if they want to satisfy and keep shoppers coming back, according to a new study from Wharton’s Baker Retailing Center and The Verde Group. The research shows that a great experience, in-store or online, can increase customer repurchase intent by nearly 60%.

Creating a hassle-free shopping experience starts when the consumer first interacts with your brand. A beautiful mobile-optimized website is a good start, but retailers need to continue delivering a wow experience throughout their customer journeys. A few ways to do this include: