Rules of Participation

1. General provisions

1.1 The XXXV World Congress of Audiology, hereinafter referred to as the “Conference”, will be held from 10 to 13 April 2022 in Warsaw, Poland. The foregoing scientific conference is addressed to a wide group of scientists interested in the subject of hearing.

1.2. The organizer of the Conference is the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing (Instytut Fizjologii i Patologii Słuchu) with its registered office at Mochnackiego 10, 02-042 Warsaw, Poland, hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”. The co-organizer of the Conference is the Institute of Sensory Organs (Instytut Narządów Zmysłów) with its registered office at Mokra 1, Kajetany, 05-830 Nadarzyn, NIP 534-24-09-841, REGON 141684503, hereinafter referred to as the “Co-organizer”.

1.3. The following persons can participate in the Conference:

  • persons who registered in accordance with provisions of point 2 hereof, and
  • persons who have received invitations from the Organizer of the Conference.

1.4. The provisions of these Rules are binding upon all participants, constitute an integral part of the Conference’s application and the agreement for participation in the Conference.

1.5. The official Internet website of the Conference can be found at the following address

1.6. The Organizer reserves the right to use the e-mail address provided during registration of a participant in the Conference to notify participants about any changes in the event program, the Rules, and should the Participant give such consent, also for promotional purposes.

2. Registration

2.1. The registration of a participant for the Conference (hereinafter referred to as the “Registration”) is limited by the number of available places. The registration applications will be accepted as long as there are available places.

2.2. The Registration lasts from 1 September 2021 until all places are reserved, however not longer than until 10 March 2022 in the case of online registration and from 10 April 2022 until 13 April 2022 in the case of onsite registration.

2.3. Online registration for the Conference is available only through the official website Onsite registration will be possible only at the Conference venue.

2.4. With reservation of provision of point 2.7 below, the Registration and payment of the registration fee to the Organizer’s account means that agreement for participation in the Conference has been concluded in accordance with provisions of these Rules what enables you to: a) participate in the Conference; b) enjoy free of charge lunch and coffee breaks.

2.5. The Conference program can be found on the website The Organizer reserves the right to make changes in the Conference program at any time.

2.6. The availability of places in the Conference in the registration system is subject to the order of registration.

2.7. If there are no more places available for participants in the Conference, the date of crediting of the registration fee to the Organizer’s account is decisive for the Organizer to accept the application for Registration. The participant will be informed by e-mail about the possible rejection of his/her reservation due to the lack of places.

2.8. The Registration is personal – confirmation of Registration will be issued to the full name given in the registration form. A person who has registered correctly and was not rejected in accordance with point 2.7 above, is hereinafter referred to as the “Conference Participant”.

2.9. Waiver of participation in favor of another person is possible upon presentation of a written declaration by the person waiving participation or entity that paid the participation of this person.

3. Cancellation of participation in the Conference

3.1 Pursuant to Art. 27 of the Act on Consumer Rights of 30 May 2014. (Polish Official Journal of Laws 2014, Item 827, as amended, hereinafter “the Act”), a consumer* who concludes a distance contract or an off-premises contract may withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving any reason and without incurring the costs referred to in Art. 33, Art. 34 Sec. 2 and Art. 35 of the Act.

3.2 In cases other than those listed in the provision of point 3.1 above, in case of cancellation of participation in the Conference earlier than 90 days before the first day of the Conference the Organizer reserves the right to collect half of the registration fee.

If the cancellation was made later than 90 days before the first day of the Conference, the Organizer does not reimburse the registration fee paid (nor any part of it).

3.3 Registration fees for participation in the Conference are as follows:

For the International Society of Audiology members:
Early: 390 EUR (before 10.10.2021)
Regular: 490 EUR (10.10.2021 – 10.01.2022)
Late: 590 EUR (10.01-2022 – 10.03.2022)
On-site: 690 EUR

For non- members:
Early: 490 EUR (before 10.10.2021)
Regular: 590 EUR (10.10.2021 – 10.01.2022)
Late: 690 EUR (10.01.2022 – 10.03.2022)
On-site: 790 EUR

Special price for student ISA members:
Early: 150 EUR (before 10.10.2021)
Regular: 150 EUR (10.10.2021 – 10.01.2022)
Late: 150 EUR (10.01.2022 – 10.03.2022)
On-site: 300 EUR

Special price for specialists in audiology younger than 35 years:
Early: 180 EUR (before 10.10.2021)
Regular: 280 EUR (10.10.2021 – 10.01.2022)
Late: 340 EUR (10.01.2022 – 10.03.2022)
Onsite: 390 EUR

Accompanying person: 150 EUR, onsite 200 EUR

Congress dinner: 50 EUR, onsite 70 EUR

The reduced fee for student ISA members is only valid for full time students in an institution of higher learning taking courses in audiology or hearing science (graduates who will be completing their degree in 2022 qualify), who are current Student Members of the International Society of Audiology.

The reduced fee for specialists in audiology younger than 35 years is valid for people who will be younger than 35 years on 13.04.2022.

Prices include VAT. Registration fees do not include accommodation, travel nor any other costs other than explicitly included in the Rules or official information on the Conference published by the Organizer particularly accommodation in a hotel chosen by the Conference Participants.

3.4 The registration fee must be paid within 7 days from the Registration to the Organizer’s account via transfer or through a service provider of electronic payments made available in the Conference registration system. Payment of the registration fee can be made by Visa, Mastercard or instant transfer available on the electronic payments platform.

3.5 A person or business entity making the payment, hereinafter referred to as the “Payer”, will receive a VAT invoice by e-mail at the address given in the registration form, confirming the participation in the Conference. The invoice will be issued automatically to the Payer.

3.6 By registering a third party the Payer confirms that he has been empowered by such a person to make all necessary statements confirming the fulfillment of the requirements of these Rules and their acceptance.

*) The consumer shall be any natural person who performs acts in law which are not directly connected to his economic or professional activity. Article no. 22(1) of the Polish Civil Code (PCC)

4. Rules of the Conference to be held in Warsaw from 10 to 13 April 2022.

4.1. The Conference Participants are allowed to stay only in the areas designated by the Organizer.

4.2. Persons staying at the Conference venue are required to comply with the recommendations of the Conference’s stewards, whose duty is to ensure safety and order.

4.3. It is prohibited to bring weapons or other dangerous objects referred to in the Act on Weapons and Ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnic materials, flammable materials, alcoholic beverages, narcotic or psychotropic substances to the Conference venue and possess them during its course.

4.4. Tobacco smoking is prohibited in the Conference venue.

4.5. The Conference’s stewards, holding the appropriate identifiers have the right to:

  1. check and establish eligibility of persons participating in the Conference, and in the case of lack of right to participate in the Conference in accordance with the Rules – request them to leave the Conference,
  2. check ID cards in order to establish identity of persons,
  3. check the contents of luggage in the case of suspicion that a person brings or possesses items referred to in point 4.3 of the Rules.

4.6. ID badge of the Conference’ stewards includes the full name of the holder.

4.7 Persons intoxicated, under the influence of narcotics, psychotropic or other substances of similar effects, who behave aggressively, provocatively or otherwise pose a threat to security or public order, possess items set out in point 4.3 of the Rules, refuse to be subject to the activities referred to in point 4.5. a-c) of the Rules and the persons on whom a measure restricting liberty has been imposed in the form of a ban on entry to the Conference, will not be admitted to the Conference venue.

4.8. Persons whose behavior disturbs public order or act contrary to the Rules will be removed from the Congress venue.

4.9. Persons who obviously pose a direct threat to human life or health, as well as the protected property may be detained in order to be surrendered to the Police.

4.10. The Conference Participants are prohibited from filming and taking photographs of the course and events during the Conference without the Organizer’s consent. The foregoing consent must be expressed in writing otherwise deemed null and void.

4.11. Persons who destroy or damage equipment, devices or premises in the Conference venue shall be financially liable for the damage.

4.12. Furthermore, the Conference Participants are bound by the Rules of the Venue, where the Conference will be held.

4.13. The Rules are available on the website

5. The Organizer’s right to record and publish materials connected with the course of the Conference

Because of the scientific character of the Conference and the need for factual reporting of its course, the Organizers reserve the right to record and publish materials connected with the course of the Conference and share such materials with third parties and use the image of persons recorded in such materials. By accepting these Rules, Conference Participants give their consent, without any additional reward (which was calculated in the registration fee), for such recording and publications of their image.

Upon the Organizer’s request, Conference Participants will confirm above-mentioned consent in writing before entering to the Conference. If the Conference Participant refuses to confirm this consent, he/she may not be allowed to enter to the Conference.

6. Change of the Rules

6.1. The Organizer reserves the exclusive right to make amendments to the Rules without altering the basic principles of the Conference. Changes in the Rules cannot infringe the rights acquired by the Participants. The changes do not require justification.

6.2. Any information on changes or amendments to the Rules will be immediately published on the website

7. Processing of Personal Data

Acting pursuant to Article 13 (1) and (2) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/ECEC (OJ L 119, 4.5.2016, hereinafter “GDPR”), we hereby inform:

7.1. The Organizer (full name and address in section 1 of the Rules) is the controller of personal data processed in connection with the Registration and participation in the Conference. Provider of electronic payment services is the controller of personal data processed for the purposes of the payment of registration fees.

7.2. Personal data subject to processing comprise of data provided within the Registration procedure (including name, surname, residential address, the e-mail address of the Conference Participant and the Payer).

7.3. Personal data shall be processed for the purposes of concluding, performing or terminating the agreement for participating in the Conference between the Organizer and the Conference Participant as part of the already executed agreement or as part of activities performed prior to the execution of the agreement [Article 6 (1) (b) of GDPR].

When required, the Organizer shall process personal data in order to guarantee the implementation of legitimate interests of the Organizer or of third parties, what in particular regards exercise of legal claims or defense in court disputes [Article 6 (1) (f) of GDPR].

In respect of data processing, Organizer’s obligations include also the fulfillment of statutory obligations related to tax payment as well as reporting and documentation duties in relation to government authorities [Article 6 (1) (c) of GDPR].

The Conference Participant’s personal data (such as the use of the image) may be also processed based on his/her consent. Such consent may be withdrawn at any time. Withdrawing consent shall have no impact on the legality of processing that occurred prior to such consent having been withdrawn and shall only be effective from the moment the consent has been withdrawn[Article 6 (1) (a) of GDPR].

7.4 Personal data of the Conference Participant or the Payer will not be shared with other entities, with the exception of those authorized to obtain such data by law and entities that are providers of electronic payment services, as well as those involved in the organization of the Conference, for example representatives of the hotel and security firms.

7.5 Providing personal data is voluntary, however necessary to complete the registration process and further to participate in the Conference.

7.6. Personal data provided in registration application which was afterward rejected in accordance with the Rules will be immediately removed.

7.7 The Organizer shall not transfer personal data to persons or organizations from outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

7.8. The Organizer shall process and store personal data for the period necessary to fulfill its contractual and statutory obligations. If personal data are no longer required in order to fulfill contractual and statutory obligations, such data shall be removed at regular intervals unless (temporary) further processing thereof is necessary in order to comply with statutory obligations concerning the retention of documentation, as specified in the law.

Evidence for the purposes of exercising legal claims or defense of legal claims shall be stored for the period necessary for exercising such claims. Essentially, the period of limitations for civil law claims is, according to the Polish Civil Code, up to 10 years.

If data are processed in the legitimate interest of the Organizer or in the legitimate interest of third parties, personal data shall be erased when such legitimate interest ceases to exist. However, there are certain exceptions to this, as specified in provisions of law.

Data processed pursuant to consent shall be erased with ex nunc effect following the revocation of such consent unless one of the exceptions provided for in the law is applicable.

7.9 In line with Article 22 of GDPR, we do not use any automated decision-making processes in the course of concluding, performing or terminating the agreement for participation in the Conference. Should we use such processes in individual cases, you will be separately notified of this fact and of your rights related to such processing if required by law.

7.10. Under the circumstances specified by the law, each data subject has the following rights:

  1. to access data pursuant to Article 15 of GDPR,
  2. to rectify data pursuant to Article 16 of GDPR,
  3. to the erasure of data pursuant to Article 17 of GDPR,
  4. to restriction of processing pursuant to Article 18 of GDPR,
  5. to object pursuant to Article 21 of GDPR,
  6. to data portability pursuant to Article 20 of GDPR.

As regards the right to access and right to erasure, the limitations referred to in Article 15 (4) of GDPR and Article 17 (3) of GDPR as well as other limitations specified in applicable provisions of domestic law shall apply. The Conference Participant shall also have the right to lodge a complaint with a competent supervisory authority (Article 77 of GDPR).

In order to exercise your rights to data protection or should you have any questions, please contact